Funeral Directors’ Information

We have been asked a few questions about our service by funeral directors in the past, here are some of them:
What does Aperture Films need from us (the funeral home)?

We will need to details of your event (name of deceased, location of service and time of service)

We will also need any media files that are being played in the service if the family have chosen a the premium package.

Other than that, nothing. We are completely self sufficient.

How much time will you need to set up and pack up?

We will only need around 15 mins to set up and pack up our equipment, but will arrive at the event approximately 30-40 mins prior to its commencement.

Will the family be able to watch the service after the event?

Yes, the family will be given a downloadable link in order to view the service whenever they choose to. The Youtube link will also be available indefinitely.