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Webcast Information
The audio is coming through doubled or an echo?

Please make sure you have the video open in only one web browser window. If you have it opened multiple times you may here the audio echo or double up.

What is the advantage of using us to webcast your service.

Along with years of experience producing videos, we use high quality encoding equipment with bonded 4G and 5G internet connections to ensure the quality and reliabilty is the best it can be. We will connect to the venues audio system where possible and when we can't we have broadcast grade microphones to capture clear audio for the live stream.

Mobile data connections are not reliable or stable due to the complex nature of phone networks, our set up ensures that even if a internet connection drops out or slows down our other connections will be there to take up the slack.

You may be able to watch a video on your phone without any issues, this is because the video can be buffered to ensure that if the network slows or drops for a couple of seconds video playback will continue.

When sending live video there is no luxury of buffering, it all needs to be sent as it happens. This is why it is a good idea to use us for an important live event rather than using a smart phone to "do it yourself", a single internet connection is not reliable enough for live streaming.

How many people can watch the webcast?

There is no limit to the number of people who can watch the live webcast. We use Vimeo Live which has a global network of servers to handle unlimited users from anywhere in the world.

Can I choose who can watch the live webcast?

Yes, the link we provide is an unlisted private link. Only people that you share this link with will be able to view the event.

Will people be able to find my live event using a web search (Google etc...)

The links we provide are private and unlisted, they will not show up in a web search unless you post it somewhere public such as social media or another website.

Can I get a copy of the video after the event?

Yes, after the event is complete the same link will remain active to re-watch the video and a download button will become available.

How long is the recording link available for?

The live link will remain active unless you make a request to remove it. NOTE: We will need to receive this request from the organiser of the event, if the event is a Funeral, this will be the Funeral home.

Can I make copies of the video myself?

Yes, for funeral live streams we don't have any restrictions on you making your own copies of the recording. If your recording contains copyright music you will need to obtain relevant permissions to include the music.